Crisis & Emergency Management | Emergency ResponseSpecialist Security | Business Continuity

  • Security and Sovereign Risk Profiling + Threat Assessments
  • Policy, Procedure and Plans: Review + Development (inc. Business Continuity Plans)
  • Training and Simulations: Desktop + Full Scale
  • High Risk Environment Training
  • Evacuation Response Plans: Medical + Security

24/7 Global Monitoring + Coordination Centre

Helping to protect your people, assets, reputation and investments. Our Global Monitoring & Coordination Centre (GMCC) is a 24/7 operations centre delivering security support traveller tracking and remote worker monitoring for organisations anywhere in the world. Enabled by state-of-the-art technology, our GMCC is staffed around the clock by security and crisis management experts, intelligence analysts, counsellors and first-line crisis communications specialists.

Capability includes:

  • 24/7 Emergency and Security Response Hotline
  • Business Continuity Support
  • Asset Management and Tracking
  • Deployment of On Ground Security and Crisis Response Teams
  • Travel Management: Pre-Travel Risk Advisory, Traveller Tracking, Remote Worker Monitoring, Duress Response, Journey Management Plans

Medical Services

  • Development of Site Based Medical Facilities
  • Clinical Governance Frameworks
  • Pharmaceutical Supplies

Workforce (contract and/or ad hoc)

  • Emergency Services Officers
  • Medics, Intensive Care Paramedics, Registered Nurses, Assistants in Nursing, Health Hygiene Officers
  • Security First Responders
  • Security Officers: Static Officers, Covert Security Officers, Concierge Officers, Gatehouse Officers
  • Counter Terrorism Experts
  • Top Secret Positive Vetted Staff

Open Source Intelligence Platform

Our GMCC has an established capability for enhanced collection and analysis of all publicly available information through an advanced open-source intelligence interface. The analysis of contextual trending geographical atmospherics through social media and news platforms provides clients with a unique security intelligence assessment. Tailored around a geographical feature, such as a personal residence or company location, and identified or circumstantial persons of interest facilitating clients’ decision making.

Veteran Recruitment

VETS is an alliance between Programmed, PERSOLKELLY and Executive Risk Solutions.
Our specialist Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS) provides meaningful career opportunities and pathways for ex-Defence personnel and their families across Australia. Learn more

Fleet Vehicles (for hire or purchase)

  • Fire Trucks and Ambulances
  • Rapid Intervention Vehicles
  • Light Tank Response Vehicles
  • Security Patrol Vehicles


Argus S5.2 Security Robots: All-terrain, continuously patrolling security robots with 360-degree vision, threat detectors in any environment and greater than human capability. A single robot operating 24/7 costs half the annual cost of a nightshift Security Officer.