Location: India

Client Challenge: In early 2014, an international, publicly listed construction company had an extortion threat against one of its executives in India. The CEO had been detained, unlawfully in India.

Our Solution: We rapidly mapped out the key and immediate objectives, then engaged our international affiliations to achieve a physical response. Our immediate objectives were to ensure proof of life and welfare of the CEO, to deploy protection elements to the company’s HQ and the CEO’s family, and to conduct an assessment of the threat vector.

We rapidly deployed assets to the area, completed an assessment of the situation and commenced negotiations and local liaison immediately. The result was a safe, timely release of the executive without the need for any extortion demand to be met. The client was able to resume their business operations without concern over continuity or liability and without damage to their image or reputation.

Market Entry Planning

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa

Executive Risk Solutions Case Study in Mining

Client Challenge: A high profile mining services client was concerned about the potential risks of commencing a project in a particularly challenging area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our Solution: Our ERS team executed an efficient frontline assessment, providing comprehensive solutions on how the client could effectively implement and manage the project both safely and profitably.

Remote Area Health Support

Location: Southern Philippines, South-East Asia

Executive Risk Solutions Case Study in Health

Client Challenge: An ASX listed gold mining client, actively working in a remote and challenging location in the Southern Philippines was concerned about the lack of health support available to their team.

Our Solution: Our team of experts designed a healthcare solution that included a high performing on-site clinic with additional 24/7 on call support from the ERS team of emergency medical physicians and specialists. The results have been outstanding, with the client seeing an upswing in site staff retention levels, an overarching sense of reassurance amongst their team and the mine is now in full production.

Risk Assessment and Planning

Location: Somalia

The Challenge: The client was a high profile international development organisation, coordinating significant infrastructure in Somalia. The client’s concern was regarding the risks to their team in implementing projects in such volatile, high-risk areas of the country which were currently controlled by terrorist groups.

Our Solution: We deployed a team of our elite specialists into Somalia. Once we were on the ground, we completed assessments to understand what we were dealing with. Our team then developed bespoke procedures and trained the client’s staff on how to confidently and successfully travel country-wide with a low profile. The result of providing this level of training to their team enabled the company to achieve their project deliverables with lower risks to the safety and health of their staff.

Safety and Security Assessments

Location: Mozambique

The Challenge: The Board of Directors for a mining company operating in remote Mozambique was concerned about potential security risks and a lack of safety procedures in the country.

Our Solution: We deployed a team of specialists to site and completed integrated security, safety, community, health and supply chain assessments. We were then able to recommend comprehensive operation improvements and reduce key liability concerns. The company saw significant cost savings and wider efficiencies as a result of our recommendations. Subsequently, a business continuity plan was prepared that guided further resilience of the project.

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