In today’s world, the threat environment is rapidly evolving. Criminal activity continues to impact organisations with direct losses, damage and reputational harm. Geopolitical contest has seen a rise in cyber threats, corporate espionage and sabotage. And issue motivated groups have increasingly larger platforms to initiate direct action and protester activity. The ultimate security for any organisation is achieved through a layered approach of physical, technical and administrative controls. Robotics doesn’t directly replace any one of these controls but augment, support and enhance each in turn, allowing humans to conduct their duties in a safe, even remote environment.

Meet our newest recruit… Argus S5.2

Argus is a purpose-built, ruggedised, all-terrain vehicle with 360-degree recorded vision and thermal PTZ cameras that detect threats in any environment. A continuously patrolling solution with greater than human capability, Argus will significantly increase the capability of even the most sophisticated security services.

Artificial intelligence detects and responds to threats to learn normalised behaviours for the site. Equipped with deterrent and response functions, including two-way intercom, audible alarms and lighting, Argus will escalate security threats to a monitored control station and will respond.

A single Argus deployed unit operating 24/7 will cost an organisation less than 50% of the annual cost of a nightshift only Security Officer.

Case Study: Robotics vs Humans.

Argus S5.2 Robot


Time on site Argus provides clients with continuous coverage of their site. Two or more units can patrol different designated areas and ensure the entire perimeter of a site is covered whilst providing a shorter reaction time if a breach occurs. Traditional mobile patrol services involve random visits over a period of time and limited time onsite.

A continuous security officer presence is dependent upon being able to use systems such as CCTV and conduct patrols which expose the human to additional risks.

Visibility and detection range 360-degree thermal camera with facial, vehicle, weapon and behavioural recognition provides a better-than-human capability. Its mobility allows it to complement or replace CCTV systems and ensures zero blind spots in coverage. Infrared sensors and detection systems ensure site lighting is not an issue for Argus and it can continue operations as normal in conditions of zero light. A Security Officer’s role is to observe, report and deter threats. A human being can only observe with their own eyes or by using surveillance systems. Human observation is prone to subjectivity and the field of view is limited.

A human deterrent also introduces risk to the person of threats, and on-the-man recording capabilities of incidents and threats are only possible with proximity to the risk scenario.

Use cases include:

  • Saving on the expansion of CCTV systems by providing surveillance capability that targets areas of limited coverage or increased risk.
  • Providing an extension of the Security Officer’s mobile patrol through interactive capability, featuring live vision and the ability to engage in two-way dialogue. Ideal for large and remote facilities.
  • Reducing exposure, vehicle usage and the reliance or frequency for human security patrols. Security Officers can focus on priority tasks and safety while maintaining a physical deterrence on-site.
  • Providing information and alerts on safety practices, such as the wearing of correct PPE.
  • Monitoring environmental conditions such as dust, gas, temperature and noise.
  • Conducting inspections of areas and equipment such as integrity, lighting and serviceability.

Argus patrolling the jetty

Technical Specifications:

  • Dual spectrum thermal and visual PTZ cameras, with additional 360° cameras for continuous threat monitoring.
  • Better-than-human detection and tracking by both night and day; thermal detection ranges of 2,000m and proven threat identification capabilities at 500m.
  • Recognition packages including facial, vehicle, license plate, PPE, weapon and uniform.
  • Autonomous and randomised movement on pre-programmed patrol routes.
  • Collision avoidance and obstacle detection.
  • Transmission and recording of video and alarm events of 4G or Wi-Fi.
  • Sound notification, IP intercom and onboard panic button.
  • Automatic charging for 24/7 autonomous operation.

Return on Investment

  • Reduced Capex. Organisations need not consider wholesale upgrades or new installations of security infrastructure. Argus S5.2 can provide 24/7 surveillance and intruder detection with the advantages of machine learning and being fully dynamic.
  • New Coverage. Argus’ operations can be directed to new areas or functions where organisations would previously increase security coverage, either manpower or static technology, to mitigate risks.
  • Coverage Enhancement. Argus can patrol where security officers cannot and dramatically increase the range/distance that a security officer could cover, and all without the need for a human in risk exposed environments. Argus completely negates the need for any human-based security patrols on any facility.
  • Data Capture. Argus records 360° vision, 24/7. Accessible via an intelligent VMS, the platform allows anyone with permissions access to the vision at any time. Coupled with alert functions, Argus can provide organisations with a range of safety, behavioural and environmental data.

Argus patrolling the beach

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