Critical Risk Training Systems

Successfully navigating chaotic, complex and potentially deadly environments with speed and accuracy requires a highly specialised skill set. Our Chief Operations Officer Wayne Weeks, is the elite specialist coaching others to refine both their defence skills and cognitive processing. He has over 32 years’ military experience, 28 of which were spent in Australia’s Special Forces.

Available Courses

Through immersive training, using best practice methodology ( accelerated learning, reality based training and tactical applications ) our expert trainers will impart specialist knowledge and elite skill sets. Cognitive, practical, tactical, physiological, psychological and scientific approaches will be applied throughout the training continuum.

  • Pistol Course: 3 days ( practical ) * Prerequisite: qualified by an agency in weapon use
  • Rifle Course: 3 days ( practical ) * Prerequisite: qualified by host agency in weapon use
  • Pistol Rifle Course: 5 days ( practical ) * Prerequisite: qualified by govt agency in weapon use
  • Reality Based Training Course: 4 days ( theory and practical ) * No prerequisite
  • Train the Trainer Course: 10 days ( theory and practical ) * Prerequisite: Pistol, Rifle or Reality Based Training
  • Instructor Course: 15 days ( theory and practical ) * Prerequisite: Reality Based Training

Course Outcomes

  1. Advanced weapon handling and safety. Within 5 days your shooting performance will improve 300% – 500% ** Reference: 151215 Trial Report_3 BDE Combat Training and Reality Based Training Evaluation – Defence Science & Technology Group. Reference #2: 20170207 CR-2016-0311 Combat Shooting Course & National Combat Centre Risk Reduction Activity Evaluation – Defence Science & Technology Group.
  2. Enhanced decision making accuracy and speed, with highly improved efficacy. More efficient cognitive processing through specific teaching techniques that assist with less cognitive effort on marshal skills. You’ll develop enhanced, unconscious competence which can improve situational awareness. ** Reference: Personalised Psychological Skills Training for Enhanced Human Performance – Phil Temby (DSTG), CAPT Mark Oostergo (Australian Regular Army), LTCOL Laura Sinclair (Australian Regular Army).
  3. Increased capability, confidence, resilience and survivability in chaotic situations.
  4. Improved understanding of human behaviour through realistic scenario based training using highly skilled role players.

Meet the Instructor

Wayne Weeks, Chief Operations Officer at Executive Risk Solutions

He’s led mission-critical teams through complex political environments and managed high level engagements with foreign military, diplomatic members, coalition partners, indigenous forces and host nation commanders.

Holding an acute understanding of human behaviour and a unique operational skill set, Wayne’s three decades of military service saw him serve in 15 overseas deployments, managing peacekeeping efforts and stabilisation operations across multiple missions and taskings. He has worked alongside Tier One Special Forces and held pivotal roles working with Special Force units across 18 countries.

From 2016 – 2020, Wayne led training and development programs for Australia’s Police agencies including every state and territory Police Tactical Group, Victorian Police Academy and Queensland Police Academy.

Suitable for

Federal and State Government Agency Officers and Critical Emergency Teams



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