High Risk Environment Training

The global ERS training division sets the benchmark for medical, hostile environment and travel safety training.

Our team of expert trainers have first-hand operational experience mitigating risks in complex international locations, remote areas and high-density urban centres.

About the Course

Our High-Risk Environment Training (HRET) has been designed to assist executives, expat travellers, work crews, media teams and NGOs prepare for and manage risk whilst travelling and working in complex, potentially hostile situations. The course is delivered through immersive lectures, discussion groups, workshops, realistic training simulations and exercises to suit varied learning styles.

Our team of experts pay particular focus to preparation and planning, threat identification & risk mitigation strategies, self-sufficiency, situational awareness and trauma management.

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Course Length

1 – 2.5 days ( tailored to client needs )


Students leave with the tools and confidence to manage a variety of risks in challenging environments.

Course Structure

  • Personal and group security, contingency planning and preparation
  • Communications and redundancy
  • Travel safety, kidnap avoidance and captivity survival
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Working with conventional and non-conventional security forces/providers
  • Information security
  • Vehicular extraction techniques
  • Advanced trauma and first aid techniques

** Note. As students are exposed to a heightened level of personal stress and discomfort during training simulations, we implement risk mitigation measures with onsite support personnel.

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