As the world faces uncertain times, companies have increased responsibility to recognise risks and emerging threats for the health and safety of their travelling and remote workers. Our GMCC is designed to protect your people, assets, reputation and investments.

GMCC Capabilities

Our Global Monitoring & Coordination Centre (GMCC) is a 24/7 operations centre delivering worldwide security support, traveller tracking and remote worker monitoring. State-of-the-art technology pairs with elite security and crisis management experts, intelligence analysts, counsellors and first-line crisis communications specialists.

GMCC Membership

Access our premium security, travel and remote worker risk management solution. This enhanced duty of care solution assists with meeting your work health and safety requirements and provides peace of mind knowing your team are safe, informed and ready to work whether travelling internationally or working remotely in Australia or overseas.


  • 24/7 Crisis & Emergency Hotline
  • GMCC Security Advice Line
  • Traveller Tracking/Lone Worker Solutions
  • Crisis Management Facilities & Experts
  • Reduced Hourly Rate (ERS support during an incident or crisis)
  • Pre-Travel Risk, Security & Medical Advice

Additional Services:

  • Pre-Travel Risk Advice (In-depth analysis)
  • Travel Alerts
  • Journey Management Plans
  • Asset Management & Tracking
  • Emergency Response & Evacuation Plans
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Security Management Plans
  • Sovereign Risk Assessments
  • Security & Crisis Response Team Deployment
  • Hostile Environment Training
  • Crisis/Incident Management Support

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