Crisis & Emergency Management

Executive Risk Solutions Crisis Emergency Management

Crises and other high-profile situations can, and will occur, when you least expect them.  It is no longer acceptable to think that disasters will happen to someone else and not you!  It is imperative that your organisation is prepared for such events and is able to deal with any issues that arise during this time.  Prior preparation for Crisis Management ensures an efficient response to an incident and a smooth transition back in to full scale operations after the incident.

An ERS Crisis Management Plan will put in place systems and procedures that assist in the planning for any event, from dealing with the first couple of chaotic hours after an event occurs, to dealing with the cleanup and aftermath of an event.

Crisis Management Services include:

  • Reviews and Audits of current crisis procedures, organisational skills and capabilities
  • Development of procedures and tools
  • Training of both individuals and Incident Management Teams
  • Testing of team structures and crisis response

Risk Management

Executive Risk Solutions Risk Management

Before risks can be managed they need to be identified. ERS is passionate about helping organisations make realistic evaluations about the true level of risks for their business, providing tailor made tools and procedures for their clients to follow in order to protect their vulnerabilities, and ensure conformance with risk management policies. Risks can be unexpected and unpredictable, and have the potential to damage your business, or at worst, put you out of business.

ERS are able to provide the following risk management services:

  • Audits and Inspections
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Risk Assessments