24/7 Global Monitoring and Coordination Centre

Complex, high profile crises that make the front page news can and will occur when you least expect. Through integrated capabilities and deep sector knowledge, we build resilience and prepare our clients for all stages of crisis and emergency. 

Our newly launched Global Monitoring and Coordination Centre (GMCC) provides clients with a 24/7 focal point for operational needs, intelligence, security monitoring, incident management, incident escalations and global travel management.

GMCC Capabilities

  • 24/7 central point for incident escalation, emergency management and response coordination.
  • IT and communications intelligence hub that allows for 24/7 monitoring and escalation of any incident or occurrence affecting a company’s assets globally.
  • Incident coordination through the notification and activation of incident management personnel and support teams.
  • Access to experienced intelligence analyst’s including;
    » Information and situation monitoring
    » Monitoring open and closed source intelligence feeds to proactively detect and report on business threats
  • Monitoring of an organisations CCTV system, alarm activations and ERS Autonomous Security Robot fleet.
  • Coordination of physical security response to any Perth based interests.
  • Briefing reports and alerts.
  • Travel Tracking: Preparation and support of business travellers to high, very high or severe security risk locations including but not limited to;
    » Pre-travel checklists and briefs
    » Country assessments
    » Traveller dashboard implementation
    » Managing in-travel events for travellers, from lost passports to medical emergencies
    » Monitoring world events and natural disasters
    » Monitoring of the global security and emergency risk environment / reporting emerging issues
    » Investigative monitoring
    » Maintaining situational awareness across as company’s global operations
    » Monitoring and notification of HSE events
ERS Autonomous Robot

Photo: ERS Autonomous Robot

Our Global Monitoring and Coordination Centre pairs the most advanced global monitoring technology with a team of highly specialised professionals to deliver unparalleled surveillance and monitoring across the world.

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