The Robots Have Landed


Global security company Executive Risk Solutions drives cost efficiencies and elevates security capability with the launch of autonomous security robots.

Perth, 1 October 2020 – Executive Risk Solutions (ERS), the global company led by an elite team from the Military Special Forces, Fire & Emergency Services and Law Enforcement has announced a partnership with Californian based robotics company, SMP robotics. In a move set to drive both cost efficiencies and security solutions beyond human capability, the Argus 5.2 Autonomous Security Robot is due to be unveiled at their November product launch.

The Argus 5.2 will provide clients with a purpose-built, all-terrain robot with 360-degree recorded vision and thermal PTZ cameras that detect threats in any environment. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) includes recognition packages that detect vehicles, uniforms, weapons and behaviour. It will decipher aggressive behaviour and alert the ERS 24/7 Global Monitoring Centre. It’s a continuously patrolling security solution with greater than human capabilities that will significantly increase the security capability of any site or facility.

“Our team are constantly working towards smart solutions that provide our clients with unprecedented value. These robots will provide an enhanced and continuous security presence at a fraction of the cost.” commented Scott Houston, CEO of Executive Risk Solutions

SMP robotics is the market leader in autonomous security solutions with a global footprint reaching over 12 countries including the US, Italy, Dubai and Singapore.

For further information or to join the demonstrations waitlist, contact the ERS technology division on 08 6165 3333 or visit

Argus 5.2 Autonomous Security Robot

Photo: Argus 5.2 Autonomous Security Robot


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