ERS Health provides its clients with a suite of remote/ telehealth options. We also provide highly experienced and above-industry-standard qualified medical personnel, including paramedics, nurses, under appropriate medical supervision and guided by an industry leading clinical practice doctrine.

ERS is partnered with Occumed, a trusted provider of occupational medicine and remote health services. Occumed provides ERS with its Senior Medical Director, and maintains ERS’ clinical practice doctrine.

ERS Health offers a fully integrated telehealth/remote health solution that provides clients with an un-paralleled level of access to early, high quality care and allied health support. ERS Health provides 24/7 access to experienced GPs, Psychologists (including EAP Services), Nurses, Physiotherapists, Specialists and a wide range of other allied health professionals via an audio-visual and high fidelity diagnostic consult on a Smart Phone or Tablet. Our health solutions can be integrated into your existing arrangements, or we can audit and then develop a health solution that is bespoke to your operational requirements.

ERS is well accustomed to managing first aid and medical facilities, and on most projects have paramedics responsible for managing multiple facilities per site.  Our doctrine in this area is sophisticated: ERS has developed Clinical Readiness Management Plans which articulate the standards that are to be maintained in each relevant facility. This is then audited by either the Senior Medical Director or delegate at least quarterly, and will ensure your site’s medical facilities are managed to the highest standard.