ERS has now established an emergency response capability that is already at the leading edge of the private sector emergency response industry.

ERS has developed a capability comprising a highly trained, motivated and disciplined workforce led by personnel with years of experience in the emergency services and military fields. The military and emergency services backgrounds of the ERS leadership team promote the ability to think outside of the box and to never back down from a challenge. Together with the latest equipment and technology ERS can provide its clients with guaranteed quality and consistent emergency response coverage for all types of assets.

Staffing solutions


ERS provides 24 hour coverage with highly qualified personnel fully equipped with the latest fire and emergency technology. The on the ground staff are supported by some of the most experienced emergency management and security practitioners in Australia with backgrounds from the Police, Military Special Forces, and the Fire & Emergency Services.

A number of ERS staff attends the world-class Texas A&M University, oil and gas training facilities (TEEX). Training at this level is not available in Australia, and it ensures that ERS staff are some of the most qualified within the Australian emergency response sector.

ERS staff are also required to maintain a high level of fitness. They undergo biannual fitness testing to ensure they can deliver the service to the highest level. This has enhanced ERS standing, especially in the oil and gas sector and other industrial applications.

ERS Emergency Vehicles

Executive Risk Solutions Emergency Repsonse

ERS has a fleet of state-of-the-art Rapid Intervention Vehicles equipped with the latest firefighting technology and equipment, hazardous material spill kits, vertical and confined space rescue equipment, defibrillators, breathing apparatus and trauma kits. ERS uses its own fleet of response vehicles and equipment, with sufficient flexibility so as to tailor specifications to suit a particular project, client and region.