B.Com – Double Major, Finance and Accounting

A business leader and investor, Nathan brings 23 years commercial experience to the group. In 1996 Nathan co-founded his first company Living Digital Telecommunications. Over a ten year period, his strategic insight and acute financial acumen saw the group expand into WA’s largest Optus partner.

In 2010, Nathan lead M&A negotiations to secure a part buy out of the company, in turn becoming the largest National Franchise partner for TeleChoice Communications.

In 2013 he was head hunted by Agito Group Engineering to oversee the group’s financial operations. In the same year, he co-founded cloud based rostering company RosterElf. Leading the strategic development and capital raising initiatives saw the company successfully launch to market in early 2014.

In 2015 he co-founded a motorsport startup Formulr overseeing strategy, capital raising and software development. In 2017, Formulr successfully launched a motorsport app and ticketing platforms for motorsports fans.