With over 35 years’ industry experience on both home turf and abroad, Craig Hynes (AFSM) oversees the operations and business support divisions at Executive Risk Solutions. As the company Chief Operations Officer, his skillset across crisis, disaster management, fire and emergency services sees him collaborate closely with the Executive Team to deliver upon key strategic priorities. His role is focussed on driving emergency response and disaster preparedness capabilities across the company for both private and public sectors. Craig is also central to ensuring strict management, adherence and implementation of procedures across the company.

Prior to joining Executive Risk Solutions, Craig had a long and fruitful career with the Western Australian (WA) Government. In 2007, Craig was appointed Chief Operations Officer at the WA Fire Emergency Services Authority (FESA). A pivotal role within the state, he was responsible for accelerating the direction and management of the State’s operational capability across all hazards. His expansive role included Fire & Rescue Service, Bush Fire Service, State Emergency Services, State Helicopter Rescue, Firefighting Aircraft, Volunteer Emergency Services and the Volunteer Marine Rescue Service. Throughout his tenure as Chief Operations Officer at FESA, he managed some of Western Australia’s most significant incidents, driving outstanding improvements in emergency coordination between multiple government agencies. His work was recognised with a prestigious Premier’s Award.

Prior to his role as the Chief Operations Officer at FESA, he served as a firefighter and officer with the WA Fire Brigades Board through to 1999. With the formation of FESA in 2000, he then undertook several senior positions including Manager of Health, Safety & Welfare, Director of Training & Development and Assistant Chief Operations Officer – Country.

In 2010, Craig served on the emergency management subcommittee for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth. He has been a prior member of the Emergency Services subgroup of the State Emergency Management Committee, FESA proxy delegate to the State Emergency Management Committee and member of the State Mitigation Committee.

Craig holds significant knowledge in the investigation of emergency management and disaster arrangements on land, sea and air, right through to on-ground experience, policy development, procedural implementation, auditing and command.

In his current role with Executive Risk Solutions, he works with a broad range of specialist advisors and consultants across all areas of disaster management. This includes:

  • Risk Management
  • Regional Aerodrome Preparedness
  • Aerodrome Emergency Planning
  • Disaster Management Auditing
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plan development and implementation
  • Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation Planning and Audit
  • Technology disaster recovery programs in line with international standards and best practices
  • Training and Education programs
  • Education Advisors
  • Security Services and Assessments (critical infrastructure, facilities, surveillance, information technology, close personal and executive protection, guarding, security planning and security surveillance)
  • Regulatory compliance requirements, industry security standards, and contractual and service level agreements
  • Emergency Response, Security, Medical personnel and equipment
  • Post Crisis Reviews