Since 2008, Executive Risk Solutions has been a trusted advisor to the most discerning of clients with international operations. We maintain specialist knowledge in supporting clients in high risk, challenging, austere and hostile environments.

We offer crisis and emergency management, business continuity planning, consulting and analysis, investigations and emergency response and security services that are accredited and licensed alongside our certifications for ISO9001, ISO14000, AS4801 and OHSAS18001. Our proven international networks and affiliations ensure our clients receive a robust, effective and efficient solution that exceeds expectations.

Executive Risk Solutions ERS International Operations

Our Methodology

Executive Risk Solutions Internaltional Operations Mozambique Our experience is exceptional where dependable services and infrastructure are not available and where prevailing levels of risk is profound. Our team understands the methods that will ensure the establishment and a continuance of your business. Our overall focus is on resilience. We ensure that we assist in identifying and mitigating your risks and provide the necessary levels of support to ensure your success.

Our approach to complex problems in challenging locations is always logical and methodical; with risks and threats informed both by our in country networks and our decentralised network of analysts. We follow best practice in delivering results that follow our accredited methods; albeit with a practical and common sense overlay. Results are always tailored to the culture, operations and budget of each organisation and our recommendations are always ‘actionable’.


Executive Risk Solutions International OperationsOur clients receive the additional support from our 24/7 response operations centre with dedicated crisis lines and personalised protocols. Some of our clients simply have subscriptions to ERS247 in order to provide support to staff travelling and working across the globe. Our concierge service prepares travellers and reassures their families. No matter what the issue our team at ERS247 are able to provide advice and coordinate support and response, if necessary.

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