Our global, state-of-the-art response vehicles are custom-built to world leading standards. No matter where you’re located or the requirements of your project, we will execute a tailored solution that surpasses your expectations. Our fleet is available for both purchase and hire.

Custom Response Fleet

  • Fire Trucks
  • Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV)
    Designed for first responders in remote areas our custom-built Rapid Intervention Vehicles assist with:
    »  Compressed Air Fire Suppression System (CAFS)
    »  Vertical/Confined Space Rescue: breathing apparatus, roping equipment
    »  Road Accident Rescue: heavy vehicle rescue pack ( cutter, spreader/telescopic ram, SAAVA airbags )
    »  Advanced Life Support: Trauma packs, stretchers
  • Aviation Services
    Fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms
  • Ambulances
  • Light Tank Response Vehicles

Executive Risk Solutions Fleet

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