Executive Risk Solutions (ERS) is a finalist for the inaugural BRW & PwC’s Private Clients Aspire Awards.Aspire awards logo

The BRW & PwC’s Private Clients Aspire Awards celebrate outstanding achievements made by Australia’s private and family businesses. The quality of the 2015 entrants were as high as ever, as businesses from all of Australia’s major vertical industries presented the solid business practices that successful companies portray.

Finalists for the 2015 BRW & PwC’s Private Clients Aspire Awards are leaders in their field, are outperforming their competitors and have an outstanding track record that deserves to be celebrated.

ERS core business is in the provision of specialist advice and staffing solutions to discerning clients who recognise the importance of integrated solutions that reduce their risks and exposures. Our service lines include emergency response services, security services, health services and specialised consulting solutions. Our consulting work includes risk, crisis and emergency management, assessments and analysis and post incident reviews and recommendations.

Our first focus is always on ensuring preparedness and prevention solutions for our clients. But business and its challenging environments are seldom simple, and hence our response and recovery is focused on getting our clients back to ‘business as usual’.

ERS maintains a full time staff of 110 with permanent offices in Perth and Brisbane. We maintain a networked group of trusted consultants that allows us privileged access to on call technical experts and ensures ERS has a global reach. We are a contractor trusted by mining companies, oil and gas companies, not for profit and development organisations, hospitality and leisure organisations and government bodies.

Executive Risk Solutions specialises in a diverse range of industries and locations such as mine sites, oil and gas operations, port, heavy industry, aerodromes, remote locations and hospitality.

The complete list of finalists for the 2015 BRW & PwC’s Private Clients Aspire Awards can be found online at http://www.brw.com.au/.

Executive Risk Solutions is a finalist for the Private Business Growth and transformation category for the 2015 BRW & PwC’s Private Clients Aspire Awards. the ceremony will take place in Sydney on Tuesday 10th of November 2015.

For more information contact Anne-Eline Bourgoin on 08 6165 3333 or anne-eline@executiverisksolutions.com.au

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