ERS tour de Gracetown Executive Risk Solutions (ERS) took on the Tour de Gracetown last Saturday 19th March 2016 and was very honoured to have the naming rights for this year’s event in appreciation of their support over the years.

ERS tour de Gracetown The ride started at 7 am and the last riders finished at about 1 pm. There was some great efforts from some riders doing the full 110 k distance for the first time. It was another great success with more than 150 riders and volunteers showing up for the event. At the end of the race, the riders were rewarded with a nice cold beer or soft drink and snags in a bun. Thanks to the volunteers for the day, as well the marshalling and event management team from Perth Integrated Health who all did a fantastic job.

ERS tour de Gracetown Regular riders Scott Houston ERS CEO and Craig Hynes ERS General Manager along with the rest of the ERS team, proudly wore the green ERS colour with its trademark fingerprint. The ERS team led the peloton out of Gracetown for the circular route that travelled through Rosa Brook and back to Gracetown to the finish line. Unfortunately one little errant move by a rider in the peloton caught an unsuspecting Scott Houston and brought him down! Scott with his trademark fighting spirit got himself back up to finish the event. “The little pain that I suffered pails to insignificance when compared to the lot of the people are helping with riding in this event,” he said. The money raised for this event was given to the South West Coronary Care and South West Cancer Service at the Bunbury St John of God Hospital.

ERS tour de Gracetown ERS has been participating in the event for a number of years now. ERS CEO, Scott Houston, has been personally supporting and donating to the charity for a long time, notably last year after winning the Telstra Business Awards, ERS donated a portion of the award prize money to the fund raising organisation..

The next ERS Tour de Gracetown will take place in November 2016 and we are expecting to attract even more riders this time. Make sure you follow ERS on LinkedIn or Twitter to get the latest updates on the next ride.

If you are not a rider but still want to support the charity you can also donate on the TDG website.

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Anne-Eline Roberts

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