Macau 2Tim Curtis, Director for International Operations and Scott Houston, CEO attended the Asia Emergency Management Conference this week in Macao.

Tim Curtis ‘s presentation and workshop was about training and exercising a crisis management team before the “Tiger” start chasing you.

In our experience crisis and emergency management plans and procedures need to be  highly applied and practical. There is no time to read them when the tiger starts chasing you. Brevity and simplicity is key.

Training and exercising your crisis management team is the secret to its success.

Contact us for a free self audit or If you would like ERS to assist you to:

  1. Understand your risk profile do a threat assessment and monitor your operating environment continually;
  2. Develop a written plan and test it regularly;
  3. Assign roles with identified alternates;
  4. Act decisively and quickly when a crisis occurs;
  5. Assign and train a spokesperson;
  6. Support your staff and their families;
  7. Use external expertise where needed and recognise your own limitations (e.g. public relations, legal advice, industrial relations, and security);
  8. Look to the future by starting the recovery process as early as possible;
  9. Develop business continuity plans dependent on the risk profile of the organisation.

Anne-Eline Roberts