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Experiencing severe weather can be traumatic not only for you and your family but it can also be frightening for your business. As a business owner/manager you need to be able to keep yourself, your team and your business safe but also to plan and prepare for the worse.

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Are You Prepared?

Traditionally, Queensland receives its fair share of inclement severe weather. 2011 saw devastating floods that truly tested business resilience and how urgently and effectively the plan, if it existed, could be implemented determined how much it cost.

2015 threatens a recurrence of the same proportion. Cyclone Marcia made landfall, devastating Yeppoon with its effects being experienced widespread as the Brisbane CBD receives significant rainfall. As Queensland has yet again absorbed this event, you must ask the question “Is my business prepared?”

How It May Affect You?

Apart from the initial impact of business being temporarily disrupted, it is more so the potential damage to infrastructure that will wound industry. The loss of power, water and additional essential services are what will truly affect us in the medium term. Potential damage to rail or port infrastructure as examples, would affect the mining sector regardless if the mine itself was untouched. It is essential that robust and dynamic plans are already in place for implementation to ensure your business survives in an already stressed climate.

A Health Check

Depending on the size and complexity of your business, asking yourself these simple questions may decide how your and your business survive the next weather event.

1. What are my triggers to downsize essential personnel and equipment?
2. What accountability and reporting procedures are in place for personnel and equipment?
3. How will I ensure my equipment and infrastructure remains safe?
4. What is my trigger to cease operations completely and withdraw to safe areas?
5. What are my actions once the all clear is given and how will I recommence operations? Specifically, how can I assess damage to critical infrastructure and equipment?
6. Once all assessments are conducted to ensure a safe workplace, how will I recommence operations?
7. How will the loss of essential government services effect my business and can I mitigate this?

The Way Forward

The old saCycloneying of plan early, plan twice does not apply when it comes to your business, personnel and equipment surviving poor weather. To reduce the impact, and enable you to recommence operations as efficiently and fast as possible, planning and rehearsals are but the first step to enduring the storm.

Nick Whitehead, QLD Operations Manager

If you need assistance with  preparing for a major event, or planning for business continuity,  please do not hesitate to contact us

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