Executive Risk Solutions (ERS) provides its clients with solutions across the full scope of emergency, and security and complements this with a suite of specialised consulting services in its expanding field of operations.

The services are delivered through a highly trained and capable workforce, customised and tailored equipment, as well as technologically advanced services such as ERS 24/7 (an around-the-clock personnel tracking and emergency assistance line).

Former Special Air Service Regiment soldier Scott Houston, a third-generation military man who served in a number of overseas deployments including Afghanistan and East Timor, leads the company as the chief executive officer.

Executive Risk Solutions ERS Emergency Services OfficersScott established the company with his wife, Fiona, in 2008. Since then, ERS has rapidly developed into Australia’s leading emergency management business.

When ERS started out, it entered a very competitive market with well-established providers of similar services. The first opportunity to make a mark came in 2012, when ERS was asked to provide staffing and equipment solutions in emergency and security services, for one of the Western Australia’s largest natural resources developments in recent years – the Roy Hill iron ore construction project. Since then, ERS has been successful in subsequent tenders in 2013 and 2015 for the provision of ongoing services to Roy Hill.

The rapid growth and transformation of ERS necessitated the development of systems and processes to enhance its standing with its tier-one client base. ERS therefore developed its business and operational systems in line with globally recognised standards of quality, safety and environmental management.

Executive Risk Solutions leadership team

In January 2015, due to its successes in the WA market and the similarities in the Queensland market, ERS established a local presence in Brisbane to be closer to its developing client base. After just a few weeks, ERS secured its first contract on a Queensland coal mine and has since established a growing market presence across Australia.

Part of ERS success can be attributed to the culture Scott and his leadership team promote within the business, which is predominantly based on military and emergency services values. These values have helped the company create service delivery standards that stand out from those of its competitors.

ERS employees believe in looking out for each other and making sure that their teammates are safe. The leadership team values professionalism in its staff and places a high value on those who are constantly in the pursuit of excellence in their daily jobs.

ERS values its people above all other things. The military and emergency services backgrounds of the ERS leadership team promote the ability to think outside of the box and to never back down from a challenge. Additionally, the ERS approach to personal development ensures staff members are provided with more than just the standard opportunities for training in their sphere of operations.

Therefore staff members have enhanced motivation and commitment to remain with ERS. This, in turn, benefits clients with a stable and well-trained workforce. An example of this is in ERS emergency response operations. A number of staff attended the world-class Texas A&M University, oil and gas training facilities (TEEX).

Training at this level is not available in Australia, and it ensures that ERS staff are some of the most qualified within the Australian emergency response sector.

ERS staff are also required to maintain a high level of fitness. They undergo biannual fitness testing to ensure they can deliver the service to the highest level. This has enhanced ERS’s standing, especially in the oil and gas sector and other industrial applications.

Recognition has also been prominent in the rise of ERS. In 2015, ERS was awarded the Telstra Australian Business of the Year, and prior to that it were recognised as the Business News Rising Star of 2014.

The solutions-driven company has, over the years, demonstrated exceptional performance and value to clients and has been recognised for its strong leadership, innovative solutions and outstanding customer service.

ERS has found its place in the Australian market and is now trusted by numerous organisations including: oil & gas, mining, not for profit, major corporations, hospitality and leisure organisations, and government bodies. ERS may be based in Perth, but it has an international focus with a team of highly specialised and trained personnel who have a wealth of experience operating in foreign countries.

Executive Risk Solutions in Mozambique Its international team regularly travels and operates in Africa, Europe and Asia to assist clients in a broad range of services.
The success of ERS can be recognised by the innovation and dedication provided to clients, with customised solutions for requested services rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

The ERS motto is: ‘Our experience is your experience’. The company believes this aptly sums up how they assist their clients. Another reason why ERS is now one of the most sought after service providers in the industry.

ERS have brought a level of professionalism to facility security above what we anticipated and exceeding that received previously from other service providers.”….. “I have no hesitation in recommending ERS as a highly capable and reliable provider.

Client Manager