Tiffany is all smiles at a recent High-Risk Environment Training (HRET) exercise.


Our National Business Development Manager, Tiffany jumped at the opportunity to assist in a HRET day for one of our clients. This particular scenario was to test our client’s response to a trauma wound in a simulated gunfight. Our expert makeup artists, Nola, made a hyper-realistic wound for realism to the scenario for our unexpected participants.

“This training was an amazing day to be a part of. The backgrounds and experience of the ERS Trainers really showed when talking about hostile situations. The simulated exercises were realistic and provided our client with a confronting reality of high-risk travel. After a workshop on concealment vs cover, I got my wound done whilst the others (Participants) were having a tea break. The ERS team then ambushed the participants when they least expected, to test what they had learned. “ – Tiffany Pollack

Our High-Risk Environment Training (HRET) has been designed to assist executives, expat travelers, work crews, media teams and NGOs prepare for and manage risk whilst traveling and working in complex, potentially hostile situations. The course is delivered through immersive lectures, discussion groups, workshops, realistic training simulations and exercises to suit varied learning styles. Our team of experts pay particular focus to preparation and planning, threat identification & risk mitigation strategies, self-sufficiency, situational awareness and trauma management.

Our team of expert trainers have first-hand operational experience mitigating risks in complex international locations, remote areas and high-density urban centres.

For more information see our HRET Capability Statement or contact our expert team at 08 6165 3333 .


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