ERS People

Tim Curtis MBA

Director International Services

Tim has more than twenty years of management experience as a strategic planner, crisis practitioner and organisational leader, with security pedigree from the Australian Special Forces.  His military experience saw Tim serve for 16 years in the Australian Defence Force with nearly a decade of this time as an officer in the Australian Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment.  He designed and implemented the Australian Counter Terrorist response arrangements for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.  In 2001, Tim was a principal adviser to the Government of Sierra Leone, primarily working on the Sierra Leone / Liberian border during a period of civil war.  Following this, he was personally selected to raise a sensitive and time-critical national counter terrorist capability (2002).

Tim consulted to major resource and services companies on emergency, crisis and risk management with Crisis Leaders in 2004/5 before moving to Afghanistan in 2005 to hold the appointment of the Director of the Joint Electoral Operations Centre within the United Nations for the Afghanistan Parliamentary Elections.  Tim’s primary responsibility was planning for, and managing the prevailing risk, to ensure a safe electoral process involving more than 1 million electoral staff and 14 million voters.